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About Me

Jolene Sabatino

The inception of the blog was rather spontaneous. Back in 2016, I embarked on a personal journey to uncover effective green beauty products. TPC Cupcakery emerged as a platform for me to chronicle my discoveries and share insights with others navigating the realm of clean beauty. The sheer volume of information available often leaves individuals feeling overwhelmed, and I aimed to provide clarity amidst the noise.

Over the years, my commitment to this cause has transformed me into a self-taught authority on clean beauty and non-toxic living. Nestled in Los Angeles, CA, I cherish a fulfilling life alongside my husband and two children. Furthermore, in 2021, I ventured into the beauty industry by launching my very own salon. Witnessing the rapid evolution of beauty practices over the past seven years, I remain resolute in propelling it forward.

Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect on the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the world of clean beauty. While blogging may sometimes appear self-indulgent from an external perspective, my core objective has always been, and will continue to be, aiding others on their journey. I extend an open invitation for questions, comments, or requests, as this space is designed to be inclusive and supportive for all.